Enhance Your Office Safety, Enjoy Peace and Comfort With Business Security Automation Systems.

Let your Business Security Automation Systems do your bidding while you are away.

  • Be informed whenever a guest is at the entrance gate
  • Put ON lights at Sun set and OFF at Sun rise
  • Grant Access INTO/OUT of designated areas according to set schedules
  • Raise Alarm whenever an Intruder is around
  • Alert when there is flood in the house and then cut OFF Water supply
  • Play music whenever you are in the living room to welcome you home and OFF as you leave
  • Video record any uninvited guest and instantly forward clips to you
  • Put OFF light and appliance in unoccupied rooms to save on energy
  • Alert whenever there is smoke in the house; then put OFF Gas, Electrical supply and the AC so as not to circulate further the smoke

Run your Morning Routine:

  • Put ON your Coffee Machine
  • Wake you up
  • Put ON the light on Low Dim so as not to affect your eye
  • Draw your Curtains
  • Adjust your AC
  • Play your Favorite Music/Devotional
  • Remind you of your Day’s Appointments
  • Play Video slides of your immediate surroundings to announce safety

Lock Instructions are carried out as soon as you leave for work:

  • Lock up Entry/Exit door, Alert your Security to Standby and keep watch over the home till you come back
  • Put OFF all appliances and much more…