Web Development – We Have the Tools That Sets You Apart From Your competitors

Standing out among your competition is a must which SiteCoder Communication, a Digital Marketing Company in Abuja Nigeria helps your business or company achieve.

We are a digital marketing company Abuja Nigeria. That is the reason you’ll see our graphic website development, distinct and Soothing in separating you from the lot. Regardless of whether it is logo design, making a pamphlet or promotional material you’ll discover our outlines and innovative approach is fun and in particular, viable.

In this computerized age, great and useful website composition isn’t discretionary; it’s an imperative component of every business. We also recognize what numerous web designers today don’t and that will be that the best sites are those that are completely optimized and programmed to convey clients through the search engines. SiteCoder Communication won’t just give a flawlessly created web page that successfully serves your image in the case of offering items or services on the web, we will in addition offer SEO programs that will keep your website on top and deliver a track able return on investment (ROI).

Below are some of the most common types of websites and price ranges you may wish to choose from:

  1. 4 Pages static website(Non-Editable brochure) at a price from #25,000.00.
  2. (1) Above plus blogging facility to enable you publish articles to educate your clients and attract new clients if properly put to use at #45,000.00.
  3. Content Management Website, this is 5 pages standard. It enables you update your content on your own at your discretion. This goes for #75,000.00. (Brochure Website).
  4. Editable dynamic website with more user engagement like login areas, membership etc. Price starts from #150,000.00.
  5. Progressive web application with bespoke functions and processes like selling of application forms online, online payments, collection of website visitor details for follow up, access to students’ results and financial statements online etc. Prices from #1,500,000.00.