video marketing is a strategy that helps you create amazing sales via the promotional videos
that catches people attention.

Videos rank higher than other post because they naturally encourage engagement fron viewers and
engage visual senses allowing it to get your message more effectively than other contents,
moreover since we’ve gotten use to merely scrolling through images on social media, video has become
the best way to catch and retain the attention of your audience longer.

More and more brands are leveraging video content to grow their business, increase online reach,
make more sales and it works.

A known report on one of our video show that over 40,000 people saw the advert and almost 2,000
people responded all within 24 hours. Imagine the stampede of influx of fresh customers this brought
to our business. In fact we got so busy attending to the clients that for the next few weeks, we didn’t
have to run more adverts.

Let’s face it, since social media has alot of post, the best way to stand out is to create something
new and refreshing . you need content that engage, entertain and inform the audience, get this done
like your life depend on it.

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box below.

SiteCoder communication have put together a PROMO PACKAGE to get you started in case you have no technical
skills to do it yourself.

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Jane Onyilo